Dye Sublimation: This is the way to go if you require a cloth pad printed in high resolution or simply want to print multiple colors. At 150 LPI, the dye sublimation mouse pad reproduces artwork in smooth, vibrant clarity. Provide colour seperated film, right reading, emulsion up, with 1/4" bleed for full coverage. If you provide artwork on disk we output film and charge you based on how many colors you require.
Plastic Surface: These low friction pads are printed in high resolution (150-175 line screen) which is excellent for reproduction, whether it be full colour photos or simple one color artwork. The surface accomodates speed and accurate mouse movement and is easy to keep clean. We provide these pads with a bottom surface in various thicknesses of rubber, or stick-on or anti-skid bottoms. Provide artwork to size (disc or CD) with 1/8" bleed for full coverage at 300dpi.
Applications Supported: PhotoShop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, FreeHand, Corel either in PC or Mac
For additional information and pricing, contact our knowledgeable sales staff by clicking here or via email. They will be pleased to explain the differences in shapes and surfaces.